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As the name of the title says it all, Magic Memoria is all about Magic! Use your magic to overpower your enemies, however, you cannot rely on magic alone, sometimes you'll to have muster your physical prowess to overcome tough and cunning opponents.

But, since we're talking about Runes & magic,

There are three types of runes :


Normal runes are available at rune shops, and equipping runes allow you to master certain magics for your disposals, not only that; Runes will give you extra benefits for the sake of your journey!  You may also notice, runes are your source of magic capabilities, one should be a fool if they do not equip runes.  

Normal runes are also categorized into "Support" and "Offensive" runes.  Support runes will grant you the ability such as healing, magical shield, removing your trouble, and so on. Meanwhile Offensive runes are suited to beat your opponents.


Hybrid runes are the combination of two magical elements,  they will maximize your multi-elemental aptitude, although being a jack-of-all-trades, you  can't fully master one element .  Another downside is : they do not provide any benefits at all; except the additional magic capabilities.


Major runes are the more powerful version of the runes, these are not easily obtainable . The great power surging from these runes are too much for one person to handle, thus you can only equip one Major rune at a time .

Only by beating powerful opponents , one may acquire such runes, as they're not closely related to the normal elements, the major runes will grant you powerful magic, which is not obtainable from normal runes. 

One special thing about the Major Runes, they are your best friend; as you grow stronger, the rune will also get stronger!


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Credit goes to "Gamefall Team" for the rune interface menu!

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