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The development started on Aug, 17th 2016 .

The gameplay concept, the battle system, and all
features were developed.
Characters were designed.

:    :Feb, 15th 2017.
The first story concept was scrapped.
The first story revolves around a protagonist
as the prince of a kingdom.

:    : April, 29th 2017. 
Due to the change of the storyline, The database has been revamped and the characters were redesigned.

:    : May, 16th 2017, 

 the game core system was good enough, therefore we could start building the game!

:    :June, 1st 2017,
The game has reached around 30 minutes of gameplay.

:    :June, 25th 2017,
The game was coming along nicely, The game has reached around 2 hours of gameplay.

:    :Aug, 1st 2017,

The game has reached about 5 hours of gameplay.

:    :March, 18th 2018,

Slow-development time, but the game has reached 8 hours of gameplay! I've also re-designed some of the characters.

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